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Erase the Space: An initiative to get kids talking across difference

by: Susanna Warren
May 28, 2018

I experienced an amazing event today at the Columbus College of Art Design (CCAD), the hosts of an Erase the Space event. Erase the Space is a civil program that brings high school students together from different communities and schools in the Columbus area to talk about common challenges students have, through the lens of civil discourse.


Reflections on Living Compassion Retreat with Robert Gonzales

February 19th, 2018
Janine Harris Degitz

As I was thinking about Robert Gonzales’s upcoming retreat in Columbus, Ohio, in May 2018, I wondered what the best way would be to describe the retreat and the work of living compassion. Over the past 10 years of knowing and studying with Robert, I haven’t experienced him as a teacher, a guru, mystic or spiritual leader, but as a companion on this journey of discovering how to live life more fully activated and free.


Thoughts on Hate and Charlottesville

Morning, August 19, 2017
Joe Recchie

The practice of nonviolent communication has never seemed more urgent – or relevant, than it does at the present moment in our history. The reason for this seems to be embodied in the peace practice  of the Haudenosaunee , the great Native American federation of tribes.  They recognized two really important concepts that we would be wise to try to remember, that all things are interconnected, that the past present and future coexist and that in our hearts, in our passions, and in our perspective,  we carry seven generations.


To me, NVC is a way of life

by: Tom Carlisi
June 28, 2017

To me, NVC is a way of life, not just a communication tool. Through the practice of seeking connection to our humanity and universal needs with others, NVC fosters the principles of Peace, Justice, and Unity that spiritual practices also invite us to aspire to our lives.

On a personal level, NVC provides me with a “framework” that I can live by each day, as I am stimulated by various issues.