"Speak Peace in a World of Conflict

What you say next will change your world!"
June 24, 2017   3 pm -6 pm

an intermediate level Compassionate Communication workshop,

based on the works of Marshall B. Rosenberg Ph.D. 


Facilitator: Teresa Speakman, M.A.

7864 Camargo Road
Cincinnati Ohio 45243.

Cost: $25 - 100
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This intermediate level workshop is designed for those with In-person experience with Compassionate Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Suggested experience is the basic understanding of the principles of NVC, and equivalence to a weekend training; 6 week class; or practice group.  

Marshall Rosenberg gives us the means to create peace through our speech and communication.
~Arun Gandhi, President, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, USA

When it comes to conflict, we have been taught to think in terms of fault-finding,  and sometimes get stuck emotionally, wanting an apology from someone we blame for our pain and suffering. We recognize this way of thinking in personal, work and political areas of our lives. Sound familiar?

Compassionate Communication shows us the difference between mourning and apology, and how recognizing the difference allows more freedom and choice in directing our own experience of life. In this workshop, we will inquire into some of the stories we tell ourselves; are they true? 

In this Compassionate Communication training we will explore:

    • Healing old hurts: Mourning -vs- Apology

    • Transforming ‘Enemy Images’

    • Seeing the Human Being across the table

Teresa Speakman

Teresa Speakman

Teresa Speakman first heard of Compassionate Communication while exploring various philosophies of Compassion, and in pursuit of personal healing. Teresa earned her Master's Degree in Organizational Communication with a special interest in Compassionate Communication in the workplace, and teaches Public Speaking and Human Communication at Ohio University Lancaster.

Teresa is a candidate for Certification with The Center for Nonviolent Communication, and is a trainer with Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio.



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Cost: $25 - $100 sliding scale fee. You choose amount to exchange with joy, while holding your needs, and Teresa's /CCCO's (non-profit) needs with care.  

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COST: $25 - $100 Sliding Scale Fee: You choose amount to exchange with joy,
while holding your needs, and Teresa's /CCCO's (non-profit organization) sustainability needs with care.